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Seq2SQL: Generating Structured Queries from Natural Language using Reinforcement Learning

ICLR 2018 salesforce/WikiSQL

A significant amount of the world's knowledge is stored in relational databases. However, the ability for users to retrieve facts from a database is limited due to a lack of understanding of query languages such as SQL.


SQLNet: Generating Structured Queries From Natural Language Without Reinforcement Learning

ICLR 2018 xiaojunxu/SQLNet

This phenomenon is documented as the "order-matters" problem. Existing state-of-the-art approaches rely on reinforcement learning to reward the decoder when it generates any of the equivalent serializations.


Improving Text-to-SQL Evaluation Methodology

ACL 2018 jkkummerfeld/text2sql-data

First, we compare human-generated and automatically generated questions, characterizing properties of queries necessary for real-world applications. Second, we show that the current division of data into training and test sets measures robustness to variations in the way questions are asked, but only partially tests how well systems generalize to new queries; therefore, we propose a complementary dataset split for evaluation of future work.


Spider: A Large-Scale Human-Labeled Dataset for Complex and Cross-Domain Semantic Parsing and Text-to-SQL Task

EMNLP 2018 taoyds/spider

We define a new complex and cross-domain semantic parsing and text-to-SQL task where different complex SQL queries and databases appear in train and test sets. Spider is distinct from most of the previous semantic parsing tasks because they all use a single database and the exact same programs in the train set and the test set.


Robust Text-to-SQL Generation with Execution-Guided Decoding

9 Jul 2018naver/sqlova

We consider the problem of neural semantic parsing, which translates natural language questions into executable SQL queries. We introduce a new mechanism, execution guidance, to leverage the semantics of SQL.


TypeSQL: Knowledge-based Type-Aware Neural Text-to-SQL Generation

HLT 2018 taoyds/typesql

Interacting with relational databases through natural language helps users of any background easily query and analyze a vast amount of data. This requires a system that understands users' questions and converts them to SQL queries automatically.


SyntaxSQLNet: Syntax Tree Networks for Complex and Cross-DomainText-to-SQL Task

11 Oct 2018taoyds/syntaxsql

Most existing studies in text-to-SQL tasks do not require generating complex SQL queries with multiple clauses or sub-queries, and generalizing to new, unseen databases. In this paper we propose SyntaxSQLNet, a syntax tree network to address the complex and cross-domain text-to-SQL generation task.