Thermal Infrared Object Tracking

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Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Thermal Infrared Object Tracking

QiaoLiuHit/MCFTS Knowledge-Based Systems 2017

We observe that the features from the fully-connected layer are not suitable for thermal infrared tracking due to the lack of spatial information of the target, while the features from the convolution layers are.

Hierarchical Spatial-aware Siamese Network for Thermal Infrared Object Tracking

QiaoLiuHit/HSSNet 27 Nov 2017

In this paper, we cast the TIR tracking problem as a similarity verification task, which is coupled well to the objective of the tracking task.

PTB-TIR: A Thermal Infrared Pedestrian Tracking Benchmark

QiaoLiuHit/PTB-TIR_Evaluation_toolkit 18 Jan 2018

The ability to evaluate the TIR pedestrian tracker fairly, on a benchmark dataset, is significant for the development of this field.

Deep Thermal Imaging: Proximate Material Type Recognition in the Wild through Deep Learning of Spatial Surface Temperature Patterns

deepneuroscience/DeepThermalImaging 6 Mar 2018

We evaluated the performance of the system by training it to recognise 32 material types in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Learning Deep Multi-Level Similarity for Thermal Infrared Object Tracking

QiaoLiuHit/MLSSNet 9 Jun 2019

These two similarities complement each other and hence enhance the discriminative capacity of the network for handling distractors.

Multi-Task Driven Feature Models for Thermal Infrared Tracking

QiaoLiuHit/MMNet 26 Nov 2019

These two feature models are learned using a multi-task matching framework and are jointly optimized on the TIR tracking task.

LSOTB-TIR:A Large-Scale High-Diversity Thermal Infrared Object Tracking Benchmark

QiaoLiuHit/LSOTB-TIR 3 Aug 2020

We evaluate and analyze more than 30 trackers on LSOTB-TIR to provide a series of baselines, and the results show that deep trackers achieve promising performance.

Roboflow 100: A Rich, Multi-Domain Object Detection Benchmark

roboflow-ai/roboflow-100-benchmark 24 Nov 2022

The evaluation of object detection models is usually performed by optimizing a single metric, e. g. mAP, on a fixed set of datasets, e. g. Microsoft COCO and Pascal VOC.