Timex normalization

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Temporal expression normalisation is the grounding of a lexicalisation of a time to a calendar date or other formal temporal representation.


10/18/2000 21:01:00.65 Dozens of Palestinians were wounded in scattered clashes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Wednesday, despite the Sharm el-Sheikh truce accord.

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Most implemented papers

TIMEN: An Open Temporal Expression Normalisation Resource

leondz/timen LREC 2012

In this paper, we present TIMEN, a community-driven tool for temporal expression normalisation.

Dataset and Baseline System for Multi-lingual Extraction and Normalization of Temporal and Numerical Expressions

Microsoft/Recognizers-Text 31 Mar 2023

Temporal and numerical expression understanding is of great importance in many downstream Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR) tasks.

A Modular Approach for Multilingual Timex Detection and Normalization using Deep Learning and Grammar-based methods

ngescribano/xtn-timexes 27 Apr 2023

Detecting and normalizing temporal expressions is an essential step for many NLP tasks.