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SchNet: A continuous-filter convolutional neural network for modeling quantum interactions

atomistic-machine-learning/schnetpack NeurIPS 2017

Deep learning has the potential to revolutionize quantum chemistry as it is ideally suited to learn representations for structured data and speed up the exploration of chemical space.

SDP Relaxation with Randomized Rounding for Energy Disaggregation

kiarashshaloudegi/FHMM_inference NeurIPS 2016

We develop a scalable, computationally efficient method for the task of energy disaggregation for home appliance monitoring.

Deep-neural-network solution of the electronic Schrödinger equation

deepqmc/deepqmc Nature Chemistry 2020

The electronic Schrödinger equation can only be solved analytically for the hydrogen atom, and the numerically exact full configuration-interaction method is exponentially expensive in the number of electrons.

An optical neural network using less than 1 photon per multiplication

mcmahon-lab/ONN-QAT-SQL 27 Apr 2021

Here, we experimentally demonstrate an optical neural network achieving 99% accuracy on handwritten-digit classification using ~3. 2 detected photons per weight multiplication and ~90% accuracy using ~0. 64 photons (~$2. 4 \times 10^{-19}$ J of optical energy) per weight multiplication.

Energy Optimization for HVAC Systems in Multi-VAV Open Offices: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

isend-clemson/drl-bems 23 Jun 2023

It takes only a total of 40 minutes for 5 epochs (about 7. 75 minutes per epoch) to train a network with superior performance and covering diverse conditions for its low-complexity architecture; therefore, it easily adapts to changes in the building setups, weather conditions, occupancy rate, etc.

Exact, Complete, and Universal Continuous-Time Worldline Monte Carlo Approach to the Statistics of Discrete Quantum Systems

delmaestrogroup/pigsfli 24 Mar 1997

We show how the worldline quantum Monte Carlo procedure, which usually relies on an artificial time discretization, can be formulated directly in continuous time, rendering the scheme exact.

An efficient iterative thresholding method for image segmentation

xywei/threshseg 4 Aug 2016

We proposed an efficient iterative thresholding method for multi-phase image segmentation.

Single-Perspective Warps in Natural Image Stitching

tlliao/Single-perspective-warps 13 Feb 2018

Results of image stitching can be perceptually divided into single-perspective and multiple-perspective.

Energy-Efficient Edge-Facilitated Wireless Collaborative Computing using Map-Reduce

anpar/EE-WCC-MapReduce 6 Mar 2019

In this work, a heterogeneous set of wireless devices sharing a common access point collaborates to perform a set of tasks.

Active Collaborative Sensing for Energy Breakdown

yilingjia/ActSense 2 Sep 2019

However, very few homes in the world have installed sub-meters (sensors measuring individual appliance energy); and the cost of retrofitting a home with extensive sub-metering eats into the funds available for energy saving retrofits.