Transparent Object Depth Estimation

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Estimating the 3D shape of transparent objects

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ClearGrasp: 3D Shape Estimation of Transparent Objects for Manipulation

Shreeyak/cleargrasp 6 Oct 2019

To address these challenges, we present ClearGrasp -- a deep learning approach for estimating accurate 3D geometry of transparent objects from a single RGB-D image for robotic manipulation.

SuperCaustics: Real-time, open-source simulation of transparent objects for deep learning applications

MMehdiMousavi/SuperCaustics 23 Jul 2021

In particular, these synthetic datasets omit features such as refraction, dispersion and caustics due to limitations in the rendering pipeline.

TransCG: A Large-Scale Real-World Dataset for Transparent Object Depth Completion and a Grasping Baseline

galaxies99/transcg 17 Feb 2022

However, the majority of current grasping algorithms would fail in this case since they heavily rely on the depth image, while ordinary depth sensors usually fail to produce accurate depth information for transparent objects owing to the reflection and refraction of light.

TODE-Trans: Transparent Object Depth Estimation with Transformer

yuchendoudou/tode 18 Sep 2022

We observe that the global characteristics of the transformer make it easier to extract contextual information to perform depth estimation of transparent areas.