Transparent Object Detection

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Detecting transparent objects in 2D or 3D

Most implemented papers

ClearGrasp: 3D Shape Estimation of Transparent Objects for Manipulation

Shreeyak/cleargrasp 6 Oct 2019

To address these challenges, we present ClearGrasp -- a deep learning approach for estimating accurate 3D geometry of transparent objects from a single RGB-D image for robotic manipulation.

FakeMix Augmentation Improves Transparent Object Detection

yangcao1996/fanet 24 Mar 2021

However, these methods usually encounter boundary-related imbalance problem, leading to limited generation capability.

SuperCaustics: Real-time, open-source simulation of transparent objects for deep learning applications

MMehdiMousavi/SuperCaustics 23 Jul 2021

In particular, these synthetic datasets omit features such as refraction, dispersion and caustics due to limitations in the rendering pipeline.