Traveling Salesman Problem

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Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

pemami4911/neural-combinatorial-rl-pytorch 29 Nov 2016

Despite the computational expense, without much engineering and heuristic designing, Neural Combinatorial Optimization achieves close to optimal results on 2D Euclidean graphs with up to 100 nodes.

Differentiation of Blackbox Combinatorial Solvers

martius-lab/blackbox-backprop ICLR 2020

Achieving fusion of deep learning with combinatorial algorithms promises transformative changes to artificial intelligence.

Exploring the Loss Landscape in Neural Architecture Search

naszilla/naszilla 6 May 2020

In this work, we show that (1) the simplest hill-climbing algorithm is a powerful baseline for NAS, and (2), when the noise in popular NAS benchmark datasets is reduced to a minimum, hill-climbing to outperforms many popular state-of-the-art algorithms.

Learning to Iteratively Solve Routing Problems with Dual-Aspect Collaborative Transformer

yining043/VRP-DACT NeurIPS 2021

Moreover, the positional features are embedded through a novel cyclic positional encoding (CPE) method to allow Transformer to effectively capture the circularity and symmetry of VRP solutions (i. e., cyclic sequences).

Backpropagation through Combinatorial Algorithms: Identity with Projection Works

martius-lab/solver-differentiation-identity 30 May 2022

Embedding discrete solvers as differentiable layers has given modern deep learning architectures combinatorial expressivity and discrete reasoning capabilities.

A Comparative Study of Adaptive Crossover Operators for Genetic Algorithms to Resolve the Traveling Salesman Problem

raissaccorreia/genetic_algorithm 14 Mar 2012

Genetic algorithm includes some parameters that should be adjusting so that the algorithm can provide positive results.

A Powerful Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem

sugia/GA-for-TSP 19 Feb 2014

This paper presents a powerful genetic algorithm(GA) to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP).

Evolving TSP heuristics using Multi Expression Programming

mihaioltean/evolve-tsp-heuristics 8 Sep 2015

The results emphasizes that evolved MEP heuristic is a powerful tool for solving difficult TSP instances.

On the Min-cost Traveling Salesman Problem with Drone

ovidiuchile/AEA2019 29 Sep 2015

The first algorithm (TSP-LS) was adapted from the approach proposed by Murray and Chu (2015), in which an optimal TSP solution is converted to a feasible TSP-D solution by local searches.