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Contrastive Code Representation Learning

parasj/contracode 9 Jul 2020

Recent work learns contextual representations of source code by reconstructing tokens from their context.

Data Augmentation Method name prediction +2

Improving Broad-Coverage Medical Entity Linking with Semantic Type Prediction and Large-Scale Datasets

svjan5/medtype 1 May 2020

To address the dearth of annotated training data for medical entity linking, we present WikiMed and PubMedDS, two large-scale medical entity linking datasets, and demonstrate that pre-training MedType on these datasets further improves entity linking performance.

Entity Disambiguation Entity Linking +2

Code Prediction by Feeding Trees to Transformers

facebookresearch/code-prediction-transformer 30 Mar 2020

We provide comprehensive experimental evaluation of our proposal, along with alternative design choices, on a standard Python dataset, as well as on a Python corpus internal to Facebook.

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Learning Semantic Annotations for Tabular Data

alan-turing-institute/SemAIDA 30 May 2019

The usefulness of tabular data such as web tables critically depends on understanding their semantics.

Type prediction

ColNet: Embedding the Semantics of Web Tables for Column Type Prediction

alan-turing-institute/SemAIDA 4 Nov 2018

Automatically annotating column types with knowledge base (KB) concepts is a critical task to gain a basic understanding of web tables.

Type prediction

AffinityNet: semi-supervised few-shot learning for disease type prediction

BeautyOfWeb/AffinityNet 22 May 2018

The kNN attention pooling layer is a generalization of the Graph Attention Model (GAM), and can be applied to not only graphs but also any set of objects regardless of whether a graph is given or not.

Few-Shot Learning Type prediction

Convolutional neural network models for cancer type prediction based on gene expression

chenlabgccri/CancerTypePrediction 18 Jun 2019

In breast cancer, for instance, our model identified well-known markers, such as GATA3 and ESR1.

Type prediction

Type-Sensitive Knowledge Base Inference Without Explicit Type Supervision

dair-iitd/kbi ACL 2018

State-of-the-art knowledge base completion (KBC) models predict a score for every known or unknown fact via a latent factorization over entity and relation embeddings.

Entity Typing Knowledge Base Completion +4

Type4Py: Deep Similarity Learning-Based Type Inference for Python

saltudelft/type4py 12 Jan 2021

We design a hierarchical neural network model that learns to discriminate between types of the same kind and dissimilar types in a high-dimensional space, which results in clusters of types.

Type prediction

A Physical Embedding Model for Knowledge Graphs

dice-group/PYKE 21 Jan 2020

We present a novel and scalable paradigm for the computation of knowledge graph embeddings, which we dub PYKE .

Knowledge Graph Embedding Knowledge Graph Embeddings +2