Unfairness Detection

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Detection of unfairness in legal contracts' clauses.

Most implemented papers

CLAUDETTE: an Automated Detector of Potentially Unfair Clauses in Online Terms of Service

breakend/pileoflaw 3 May 2018

Terms of service of on-line platforms too often contain clauses that are potentially unfair to the consumer.

Feature robustness and sex differences in medical imaging: a case study in MRI-based Alzheimer's disease detection

e-pet/adni-bias 4 Apr 2022

Instead, while logistic regression is fully robust to dataset composition, we find that CNN performance is generally improved for both male and female subjects when including more female subjects in the training dataset.

How Robust is your Fair Model? Exploring the Robustness of Diverse Fairness Strategies

Teddyzander/FairR 11 Jul 2022

Recent studies have shown that robustness (the ability for a model to perform well on unseen data) plays a significant role in the type of strategy that should be used when approaching a new problem and, hence, measuring the robustness of these strategies has become a fundamental problem.

Signal Is Harder To Learn Than Bias: Debiasing with Focal Loss

mvandenhi/signal-is-harder 31 May 2023

We propose Signal is Harder (SiH), a variational-autoencoder-based method that simultaneously trains a biased and unbiased classifier using a novel, disentangling reweighting scheme inspired by the focal loss.