Rolling Shutter Correction

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Rolling Shutter Correction

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PointNetLK: Robust & Efficient Point Cloud Registration using PointNet

hmgoforth/PointNetLK CVPR 2019

To date, the successful application of PointNet to point cloud registration has remained elusive.

Learned Primal-dual Reconstruction

odlgroup/odl 20 Jul 2017

We propose the Learned Primal-Dual algorithm for tomographic reconstruction.

Fundamentals of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Network

Chefibadly/Language-translation-model-training-and-implementation-using-flask 9 Aug 2018

Because of their effectiveness in broad practical applications, LSTM networks have received a wealth of coverage in scientific journals, technical blogs, and implementation guides.

Real-time Power System State Estimation and Forecasting via Deep Neural Networks

LiangZhangUMN/PSSE-via-DNNs 15 Nov 2018

To bypass these hurdles, this paper advocates deep neural networks (DNNs) for real-time power system monitoring.

CLTune: A Generic Auto-Tuner for OpenCL Kernels

CNugteren/CLTune 19 Mar 2017

For matrix-multiplication, we use CLTune to explore a parameter space of more than two-hundred thousand configurations, we show the need for device-specific tuning, and outperform the clBLAS library on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs.

What Would You Expect? Anticipating Egocentric Actions with Rolling-Unrolling LSTMs and Modality Attention

fpv-iplab/rulstm ICCV 2019

Our method is ranked first in the public leaderboard of the EPIC-Kitchens egocentric action anticipation challenge 2019.

Unrolling Ternary Neural Networks

da-steve101/binary_connect_cifar 9 Sep 2019

The computational complexity of neural networks for large scale or real-time applications necessitates hardware acceleration.

Rolling-Unrolling LSTMs for Action Anticipation from First-Person Video

fpv-iplab/rulstm 4 May 2020

The experiments show that the proposed architecture is state-of-the-art in the domain of egocentric videos, achieving top performances in the 2019 EPIC-Kitchens egocentric action anticipation challenge.

SMUG: Towards robust MRI reconstruction by smoothed unrolling

lgm70/smug 14 Mar 2023

To address this problem, we propose a novel image reconstruction framework, termed SMOOTHED UNROLLING (SMUG), which advances a deep unrolling-based MRI reconstruction model using a randomized smoothing (RS)-based robust learning operation.

Rolling Shutter Correction with Intermediate Distortion Flow Estimation

ljzycmd/dfrsc 9 Apr 2024

Additionally, a multi-distortion flow prediction strategy is integrated to mitigate the issue of inaccurate flow estimation further.