Unsupervised Spatial Clustering

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TDBSCAN: Spatiotemporal Density Clustering

datagovsg/tdbscan International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering 2014

Trajectory data generated from personal or vehicle use of GPS devices can be utilized for travel analysis and traffic information service, whereas trip segmentation is a key step toward the semantic labelling of the trajectories.

Clustering Unsupervised Spatial Clustering

k-Nearest Neighbor Optimization via Randomized Hyperstructure Convex Hull

jcatapang/ConvexHulledKNN 11 Jun 2019

The accuracy of the proposed k-NN algorithm is 85. 71%, while the accuracy of the conventional k-NN algorithm is 80. 95% when performed on the Haberman's Cancer Survival dataset, and 94. 44% for the proposed k-NN algorithm, compared to the conventional's 88. 89% accuracy score on the Seeds dataset.

Unsupervised Spatial Clustering