Video Quality Assessment

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Most implemented papers

Towards Deep Learning Models Resistant to Adversarial Attacks

MadryLab/mnist_challenge ICLR 2018

Its principled nature also enables us to identify methods for both training and attacking neural networks that are reliable and, in a certain sense, universal.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Features as a Perceptual Metric

richzhang/PerceptualSimilarity CVPR 2018

We systematically evaluate deep features across different architectures and tasks and compare them with classic metrics.

UGC-VQA: Benchmarking Blind Video Quality Assessment for User Generated Content

tu184044109/VIDEVAL_release 29 May 2020

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of user-generated content (UGC) videos shared and streamed over the Internet, thanks to the evolution of affordable and reliable consumer capture devices, and the tremendous popularity of social media platforms.

NIMA: Neural Image Assessment

idealo/image-quality-assessment 15 Sep 2017

Automatically learned quality assessment for images has recently become a hot topic due to its usefulness in a wide variety of applications such as evaluating image capture pipelines, storage techniques and sharing media.

Test-Time Training with Self-Supervision for Generalization under Distribution Shifts

yueatsprograms/ttt_imagenet_release 29 Sep 2019

In this paper, we propose Test-Time Training, a general approach for improving the performance of predictive models when training and test data come from different distributions.

Power of Tempospatially Unified Spectral Density for Perceptual Video Quality Assessment

gukyeongkwon/3DPSD-VQA 12 Dec 2018

This is a full-reference tempospatial approach that considers both temporal and spatial PSD characteristics.

Quality Assessment of In-the-Wild Videos

lidq92/VSFA 1 Aug 2019

We propose an objective no-reference video quality assessment method by integrating both effects into a deep neural network.

From Patches to Pictures (PaQ-2-PiQ): Mapping the Perceptual Space of Picture Quality

baidut/PaQ-2-PiQ CVPR 2020

Blind or no-reference (NR) perceptual picture quality prediction is a difficult, unsolved problem of great consequence to the social and streaming media industries that impacts billions of viewers daily.

Image Quality Assessment: Unifying Structure and Texture Similarity

dingkeyan93/DISTS 16 Apr 2020

Objective measures of image quality generally operate by comparing pixels of a "degraded" image to those of the original.

Perceptual Quality Assessment of Omnidirectional Images as Moving Camera Videos

xiangjieSui/img2video 21 May 2020

We first carry out a psychophysical experiment to investigate the interplay among the VR viewing conditions, the user viewing behaviors, and the perceived quality of 360{\deg} images.