Video Saliency Prediction

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Temporal Saliency Adaptation in Egocentric Videos

imatge-upc/saliency-2018-videosalgan 28 Aug 2018

This work adapts a deep neural model for image saliency prediction to the temporal domain of egocentric video.

DAVE: A Deep Audio-Visual Embedding for Dynamic Saliency Prediction

hrtavakoli/DAVE 25 May 2019

Our results suggest that (1) audio is a strong contributing cue for saliency prediction, (2) salient visible sound-source is the natural cause of the superiority of our Audio-Visual model, (3) richer feature representations for the input space leads to more powerful predictions even in absence of more sophisticated saliency decoders, and (4) Audio-Visual model improves over 53. 54\% of the frames predicted by the best Visual model (our baseline).

Simple vs complex temporal recurrences for video saliency prediction

imatge-upc/SalEMA 3 Jul 2019

This paper investigates modifying an existing neural network architecture for static saliency prediction using two types of recurrences that integrate information from the temporal domain.

Predicting Video Saliency with Object-to-Motion CNN and Two-layer Convolutional LSTM

remega/LEDOV-eye-tracking-database 19 Sep 2017

We further find from our database that there exists a temporal correlation of human attention with a smooth saliency transition across video frames.

A Learning-Based Visual Saliency Prediction Model for Stereoscopic 3D Video (LBVS-3D)

abanitalebi/lbvs-3d 13 Mar 2018

Our model starts with a rough segmentation and quantifies several intuitive observations such as the effects of visual discomfort level, depth abruptness, motion acceleration, elements of surprise, size and compactness of the salient regions, and emphasizing only a few salient objects in a scene.

Video Saliency Prediction Using Enhanced Spatiotemporal Alignment Network

cj4L/ESAN-VSP 2 Jan 2020

Due to a variety of motions across different frames, it is highly challenging to learn an effective spatiotemporal representation for accurate video saliency prediction (VSP).

Hierarchical Domain-Adapted Feature Learning for Video Saliency Prediction

perceivelab/hd2s 2 Oct 2020

When the base hierarchical model is empowered with domain-specific modules, performance improves, outperforming state-of-the-art models on three out of five metrics on the DHF1K benchmark and reaching the second-best results on the other two.

ViNet: Pushing the limits of Visual Modality for Audio-Visual Saliency Prediction

samyak0210/ViNet 11 Dec 2020

We also explore a variation of ViNet architecture by augmenting audio features into the decoder.

Noise-Aware Video Saliency Prediction

NVlabs/NAT-saliency 16 Apr 2021

We note that the accuracy of the maps reconstructed from the gaze data of a fixed number of observers varies with the frame, as it depends on the content of the scene.

Spatio-Temporal Self-Attention Network for Video Saliency Prediction

come880412/STSANet 24 Aug 2021

3D convolutional neural networks have achieved promising results for video tasks in computer vision, including video saliency prediction that is explored in this paper.