Video Stabilization

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Making a long story short: A Multi-Importance fast-forwarding egocentric videos with the emphasis on relevant objects

verlab/SemanticFastForward_JVCI_2018 9 Nov 2017

The emergence of low-cost high-quality personal wearable cameras combined with the increasing storage capacity of video-sharing websites have evoked a growing interest in first-person videos, since most videos are composed of long-running unedited streams which are usually tedious and unpleasant to watch.

DUT: Learning Video Stabilization by Simply Watching Unstable Videos

Annbless/DUTCode 30 Nov 2020

In this paper, we attempt to tackle the video stabilization problem in a deep unsupervised learning manner, which borrows the divide-and-conquer idea from traditional stabilizers while leveraging the representation power of DNNs to handle the challenges in real-world scenarios.

Hybrid Neural Fusion for Full-frame Video Stabilization

alex04072000/FuSta ICCV 2021

Existing video stabilization methods often generate visible distortion or require aggressive cropping of frame boundaries, resulting in smaller field of views.

Robust Gyroscope-Aided Camera Self-Calibration

AaltoVision/camera-gyro-calibration 31 May 2018

This application paper proposes a model for estimating the parameters on the fly by fusing gyroscope and camera data, both readily available in modern day smartphones.

Deep Iterative Frame Interpolation for Full-frame Video Stabilization

jinsc37/DIFRINT 5 Sep 2019

We present a novel deep approach to video stabilization which can generate video frames without cropping and low distortion.

Real-Time Selfie Video Stabilization

jiy173/selfievideostabilization CVPR 2021

Our method is fully automatic and produces visually and quantitatively better results than previous real-time general video stabilization methods.

Deep Motion Blind Video Stabilization

MKashifAli/Motion_Blind_Video_Stabilization 19 Nov 2020

Despite the advances in the field of generative models in computer vision, video stabilization still lacks a pure regressive deep-learning-based formulation.

Deep Online Fused Video Stabilization

googleinterns/deep-stabilization 2 Feb 2021

We present a deep neural network (DNN) that uses both sensor data (gyroscope) and image content (optical flow) to stabilize videos through unsupervised learning.

A Method for Detection of Small Moving Objects in UAV Videos

vladan-stojnic/Detection-of-Small-Flying-Objects-in-UAV-Videos 11 Feb 2021

To circumvent this problem, we propose training a CNN using synthetic videos generated by adding small blob-like objects to video sequences with real-world backgrounds.

Good Practices and A Strong Baseline for Traffic Anomaly Detection

Mandroide/gpasb-nvidia2021-track4 9 May 2021

In this paper, we propose a straightforward and efficient framework that includes pre-processing, a dynamic track module, and post-processing.