Video Summarization

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Video Summarization aims to generate a short synopsis that summarizes the video content by selecting its most informative and important parts. The produced summary is usually composed of a set of representative video frames (a.k.a. video key-frames), or video fragments (a.k.a. video key-fragments) that have been stitched in chronological order to form a shorter video. The former type of a video summary is known as video storyboard, and the latter type is known as video skim.

Source: Video Summarization Using Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
Image credit: iJRASET

Most implemented papers

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Unsupervised Video Summarization with Diversity-Representativeness Reward

KaiyangZhou/vsumm-reinforce 29 Dec 2017

Video summarization aims to facilitate large-scale video browsing by producing short, concise summaries that are diverse and representative of original videos.

Summarizing Videos with Attention

ok1zjf/VASNet 5 Dec 2018

In this work we propose a novel method for supervised, keyshots based video summarization by applying a conceptually simple and computationally efficient soft, self-attention mechanism.

Unsupervised video summarization framework using keyframe extraction and video skimming

shruti-jadon/Video-Summarization-using-Keyframe-Extraction-and-Video-Skimming 10 Oct 2019

Video is one of the robust sources of information and the consumption of online and offline videos has reached an unprecedented level in the last few years.

Video Summarization using Deep Semantic Features

590shun/video_summarize_dsf 28 Sep 2016

For this, we design a deep neural network that maps videos as well as descriptions to a common semantic space and jointly trained it with associated pairs of videos and descriptions.

Iterative Projection and Matching: Finding Structure-preserving Representatives and Its Application to Computer Vision

zaeemzadeh/IPM CVPR 2019

In our algorithm, at each iteration, the maximum information from the structure of the data is captured by one selected sample, and the captured information is neglected in the next iterations by projection on the null-space of previously selected samples.

Rethinking the Evaluation of Video Summaries

mayu-ot/rethinking-evs CVPR 2019

Video summarization is a technique to create a short skim of the original video while preserving the main stories/content.

Supervised Video Summarization via Multiple Feature Sets with Parallel Attention

TIBHannover/MSVA 23 Apr 2021

The proposed architecture utilizes an attention mechanism before fusing motion features and features representing the (static) visual content, i. e., derived from an image classification model.

Video Summarization with Long Short-term Memory

kezhang-cs/Video-Summarization-with-LSTM 26 May 2016

We propose a novel supervised learning technique for summarizing videos by automatically selecting keyframes or key subshots.

Temporal Tessellation: A Unified Approach for Video Analysis

dot27/temporal-tessellation ICCV 2017

A test video is processed by forming correspondences between its clips and the clips of reference videos with known semantics, following which, reference semantics can be transferred to the test video.

Query-adaptive Video Summarization via Quality-aware Relevance Estimation

arunbalajeev/query-video-summary 1 May 2017

Although the problem of automatic video summarization has recently received a lot of attention, the problem of creating a video summary that also highlights elements relevant to a search query has been less studied.