Virtual Try-on

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Virtual try-on of clothing or other items such as glasses and makeup. Most recent techniques use Generative Adversarial Networks.

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Video Based Reconstruction of 3D People Models

thmoa/videoavatars CVPR 2018

This paper describes how to obtain accurate 3D body models and texture of arbitrary people from a single, monocular video in which a person is moving.

3D Reconstruction Virtual Try-on

Towards Photo-Realistic Virtual Try-On by Adaptively Generating-Preserving Image Content

switchablenorms/DeepFashion_Try_On CVPR 2020

Second, a clothes warping module warps clothes image according to the generated semantic layout, where a second-order difference constraint is introduced to stabilize the warping process during training. Third, an inpainting module for content fusion integrates all information (e. g. reference image, semantic layout, warped clothes) to adaptively produce each semantic part of human body.

Semantic Segmentation Virtual Try-on

Towards Photo-Realistic Virtual Try-On by Adaptively Generating$\leftrightarrow$Preserving Image Content

switchablenorms/DeepFashion_Try_On 12 Mar 2020

First, a semantic layout generation module utilizes semantic segmentation of the reference image to progressively predict the desired semantic layout after try-on.

Semantic Segmentation Virtual Try-on

VITON: An Image-based Virtual Try-on Network

xthan/VITON CVPR 2018

We present an image-based VIirtual Try-On Network (VITON) without using 3D information in any form, which seamlessly transfers a desired clothing item onto the corresponding region of a person using a coarse-to-fine strategy.

Virtual Try-on

Toward Characteristic-Preserving Image-based Virtual Try-On Network

sergeywong/cp-vton ECCV 2018

Second, to alleviate boundary artifacts of warped clothes and make the results more realistic, we employ a Try-On Module that learns a composition mask to integrate the warped clothes and the rendered image to ensure smoothness.

Geometric Matching Virtual Try-on

SwapNet: Garment Transfer in Single View Images

andrewjong/SwapNet ECCV 2018

Garment transfer is a challenging task that requires (i) disentangling the features of the clothing from the body pose and shape and (ii) realistic synthesis of the garment texture on the new body.

 Ranked #1 on Virtual Try-on on FashionIQ (using extra training data)

Virtual Try-on

Parser-Free Virtual Try-on via Distilling Appearance Flows

geyuying/PF-AFN 8 Mar 2021

A recent pioneering work employed knowledge distillation to reduce the dependency of human parsing, where the try-on images produced by a parser-based method are used as supervisions to train a "student" network without relying on segmentation, making the student mimic the try-on ability of the parser-based model.

Human Parsing Knowledge Distillation +1

Learning to Transfer Texture from Clothing Images to 3D Humans

aymenmir1/pix2surf CVPR 2020

In this paper, we present a simple yet effective method to automatically transfer textures of clothing images (front and back) to 3D garments worn on top SMPL, in real time.

Image-to-Image Translation Virtual Try-on

Down to the Last Detail: Virtual Try-on with Detail Carving

JDAI-CV/Down-to-the-Last-Detail-Virtual-Try-on-with-Detail-Carving 13 Dec 2019

However, existing methods can hardly preserve the details in clothing texture and facial identity (face, hair) while fitting novel clothes and poses onto a person.

Virtual Try-on

CP-VTON+: Clothing Shape and Texture Preserving Image-Based Virtual Try-On

minar09/cp-vton-plus CVPRW 2020

Recently proposed Image-based virtual try-on (VTON) approaches have several challenges regarding diverse human poses and cloth styles.

Virtual Try-on