Virtual Try-on

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Virtual try-on of clothing or other items such as glasses and makeup. Most recent techniques use Generative Adversarial Networks.


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Most implemented papers

VITON: An Image-based Virtual Try-on Network

xthan/VITON CVPR 2018

We present an image-based VIirtual Try-On Network (VITON) without using 3D information in any form, which seamlessly transfers a desired clothing item onto the corresponding region of a person using a coarse-to-fine strategy.

Composer: Creative and Controllable Image Synthesis with Composable Conditions

damo-vilab/composer 20 Feb 2023

Recent large-scale generative models learned on big data are capable of synthesizing incredible images yet suffer from limited controllability.

Toward Characteristic-Preserving Image-based Virtual Try-On Network

sergeywong/cp-vton ECCV 2018

Second, to alleviate boundary artifacts of warped clothes and make the results more realistic, we employ a Try-On Module that learns a composition mask to integrate the warped clothes and the rendered image to ensure smoothness.

VITON-GAN: Virtual Try-on Image Generator Trained with Adversarial Loss

shionhonda/viton-gan 12 Nov 2019

Generating a virtual try-on image from in-shop clothing images and a model person's snapshot is a challenging task because the human body and clothes have high flexibility in their shapes.

Towards Photo-Realistic Virtual Try-On by Adaptively Generating$\leftrightarrow$Preserving Image Content

switchablenorms/DeepFashion_Try_On 12 Mar 2020

First, a semantic layout generation module utilizes semantic segmentation of the reference image to progressively predict the desired semantic layout after try-on.

Style-Based Global Appearance Flow for Virtual Try-On

senhe/flow-style-vton CVPR 2022

To achieve this, a key step is garment warping which spatially aligns the target garment with the corresponding body parts in the person image.

Real-time deep hair matting on mobile devices

jtiger958/hair-segmentation-pytorch 19 Dec 2017

Augmented reality is an emerging technology in many application domains.

Deep Fashion3D: A Dataset and Benchmark for 3D Garment Reconstruction from Single Images

ZhengZerong/DeepHuman ECCV 2020

High-fidelity clothing reconstruction is the key to achieving photorealism in a wide range of applications including human digitization, virtual try-on, etc.

CP-VTON+: Clothing Shape and Texture Preserving Image-Based Virtual Try-On

minar09/cp-vton-plus CVPRW 2020

Recently proposed Image-based virtual try-on (VTON) approaches have several challenges regarding diverse human poses and cloth styles.

Parser-Free Virtual Try-on via Distilling Appearance Flows

geyuying/PF-AFN CVPR 2021

A recent pioneering work employed knowledge distillation to reduce the dependency of human parsing, where the try-on images produced by a parser-based method are used as supervisions to train a "student" network without relying on segmentation, making the student mimic the try-on ability of the parser-based model.