Virtual Try-on

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Virtual try-on of clothing or other items such as glasses and makeup. Most recent techniques use Generative Adversarial Networks.

Latest papers without code

SPG-VTON: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Multi-pose Virtual Try-on

no code yet • 3 Aug 2021

Third, a Try-on Synthesis Module (TSM) combines the coarse result and the warped clothes to generate the final virtual try-on image, preserving details of the desired clothes and under the desired pose.

Virtual Try-on

WAS-VTON: Warping Architecture Search for Virtual Try-on Network

no code yet • 1 Aug 2021

Despite recent progress on image-based virtual try-on, current methods are constraint by shared warping networks and thus fail to synthesize natural try-on results when faced with clothing categories that require different warping operations.

Neural Architecture Search Virtual Try-on

Shape Controllable Virtual Try-on for Underwear Models

no code yet • 28 Jul 2021

Existing 2D image-based virtual try-on methods aim to transfer a target clothing image onto a reference person, which has two main disadvantages: cannot control the size and length precisely; unable to accurately estimate the user's figure in the case of users wearing thick clothes, resulting in inaccurate dressing effect.

Graph Attention Virtual Try-on

Toward Accurate and Realistic Outfits Visualization with Attention to Details

no code yet • CVPR 2021

Prior works produce images that are filled with artifacts and fail to capture important visual details necessary for commercial applications.

Image Generation Virtual Try-on

An Efficient Style Virtual Try on Network for Clothing Business Industry

no code yet • 27 May 2021

The network is divided into three sub-networks, the first is the user image, the front of the target clothing image, the semantic segmentation image and the posture heat map to generate a more detailed human parsing map.

Human Parsing Semantic Segmentation +1

Self-Supervised Collision Handling via Generative 3D Garment Models for Virtual Try-On

no code yet • CVPR 2021

We propose a new generative model for 3D garment deformations that enables us to learn, for the first time, a data-driven method for virtual try-on that effectively addresses garment-body collisions.

Virtual Try-on

Deep Graphics Encoder for Real-Time Video Makeup Synthesis from Example

no code yet • 12 May 2021

While makeup virtual-try-on is now widespread, parametrizing a computer graphics rendering engine for synthesizing images of a given cosmetics product remains a challenging task.

Virtual Try-on

Dressing in Order: Recurrent Person Image Generation for Pose Transfer, Virtual Try-on and Outfit Editing

no code yet • 14 Apr 2021

This paper proposes a flexible person generation framework called Dressing in Order (DiOr), which supports 2D pose transfer, virtual try-on, and several fashion editing tasks.

Pose Transfer Virtual Try-on

Semi-supervised Synthesis of High-Resolution Editable Textures for 3D Humans

no code yet • CVPR 2021

Given a segmentation mask defining the layout of the semantic regions in the texture map, our network generates high-resolution textures with a variety of styles, that are then used for rendering purposes.

Virtual Try-on

Style and Pose Control for Image Synthesis of Humans from a Single Monocular View

no code yet • 22 Feb 2021

Photo-realistic re-rendering of a human from a single image with explicit control over body pose, shape and appearance enables a wide range of applications, such as human appearance transfer, virtual try-on, motion imitation, and novel view synthesis.

Image Generation Novel View Synthesis +1