Visual Keyword Spotting

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Spot a given query keyword in a silent talking face video

Most implemented papers

Zero-shot keyword spotting for visual speech recognition in-the-wild

lilianemomeni/KWS-Net ECCV 2018

Visual keyword spotting (KWS) is the problem of estimating whether a text query occurs in a given recording using only video information.

Seeing wake words: Audio-visual Keyword Spotting

lilianemomeni/KWS-Net 2 Sep 2020

The goal of this work is to automatically determine whether and when a word of interest is spoken by a talking face, with or without the audio.

Visual Keyword Spotting with Attention

prajwalkr/transpotter 29 Oct 2021

In this paper, we consider the task of spotting spoken keywords in silent video sequences -- also known as visual keyword spotting.

LipLearner: Customizable Silent Speech Interactions on Mobile Devices

rkmtlab/LipLearner 12 Feb 2023

Silent speech interface is a promising technology that enables private communications in natural language.