Visual Prompting

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Visual Prompting is the task of streamlining computer vision processes by harnessing the power of prompts, inspired by the breakthroughs of text prompting in NLP. This innovative approach involves using a few visual prompts to swiftly convert an unlabeled dataset into a deployed model, significantly reducing development time for both individual projects and enterprise solutions.

Most implemented papers

Segment Anything

facebookresearch/segment-anything ICCV 2023

We introduce the Segment Anything (SA) project: a new task, model, and dataset for image segmentation.

Set-of-Mark Prompting Unleashes Extraordinary Visual Grounding in GPT-4V

microsoft/SoM 17 Oct 2023

We present Set-of-Mark (SoM), a new visual prompting method, to unleash the visual grounding abilities of large multimodal models (LMMs), such as GPT-4V.

Visual In-Context Prompting

ux-decoder/dinov 22 Nov 2023

In-context prompting in large language models (LLMs) has become a prevalent approach to improve zero-shot capabilities, but this idea is less explored in the vision domain.

Visual Prompting for Adversarial Robustness

Phoveran/vp-for-adversarial-robustness 12 Oct 2022

In this work, we leverage visual prompting (VP) to improve adversarial robustness of a fixed, pre-trained model at testing time.

Explicit Visual Prompting for Universal Foreground Segmentations

nifangbaage/explicit-visual-prompt 29 May 2023

We take inspiration from the widely-used pre-training and then prompt tuning protocols in NLP and propose a new visual prompting model, named Explicit Visual Prompting (EVP).

Exploring Visual Prompts for Adapting Large-Scale Models

hjbahng/visual_prompting 31 Mar 2022

The surprising effectiveness of visual prompting provides a new perspective on adapting pre-trained models in vision.

Visual Prompting via Image Inpainting

amirbar/visual_prompting 1 Sep 2022

How does one adapt a pre-trained visual model to novel downstream tasks without task-specific finetuning or any model modification?

Understanding and Improving Visual Prompting: A Label-Mapping Perspective

optml-group/ilm-vp CVPR 2023

As highlighted below, we show that when reprogramming an ImageNet-pretrained ResNet-18 to 13 target tasks, our method outperforms baselines by a substantial margin, e. g., 7. 9% and 6. 7% accuracy improvements in transfer learning to the target Flowers102 and CIFAR100 datasets.

Unleashing the Power of Visual Prompting At the Pixel Level

ucsc-vlaa/evp 20 Dec 2022

This paper presents a simple and effective visual prompting method for adapting pre-trained models to downstream recognition tasks.

Text-Visual Prompting for Efficient 2D Temporal Video Grounding

intel/TVP CVPR 2023

In this paper, we study the problem of temporal video grounding (TVG), which aims to predict the starting/ending time points of moments described by a text sentence within a long untrimmed video.