Visual Storytelling

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Greatest papers with code

No Metrics Are Perfect: Adversarial Reward Learning for Visual Storytelling

eric-xw/AREL ACL 2018

Though impressive results have been achieved in visual captioning, the task of generating abstract stories from photo streams is still a little-tapped problem.

Image Captioning Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Pendulibrium/ai-visual-storytelling-seq2seq NAACL 2016

We introduce the first dataset for sequential vision-to-language, and explore how this data may be used for the task of visual storytelling.

Visual Storytelling

GLAC Net: GLocal Attention Cascading Networks for Multi-image Cued Story Generation

tkim-snu/GLACNet 28 May 2018

The task of multi-image cued story generation, such as visual storytelling dataset (VIST) challenge, is to compose multiple coherent sentences from a given sequence of images.

Visual Storytelling

Knowledge-Enriched Visual Storytelling

zychen423/KE-VIST 3 Dec 2019

This paper introduces KG-Story, a three-stage framework that allows the story generation model to take advantage of external Knowledge Graphs to produce interesting stories.

Knowledge Graphs Visual Storytelling

Contextualize, Show and Tell: A Neural Visual Storyteller

dianaglzrico/neural-visual-storyteller 3 Jun 2018

We present a neural model for generating short stories from image sequences, which extends the image description model by Vinyals et al. (Vinyals et al., 2015).

Visual Storytelling

What Makes A Good Story? Designing Composite Rewards for Visual Storytelling

JunjieHu/ReCo-RL 11 Sep 2019

Previous storytelling approaches mostly focused on optimizing traditional metrics such as BLEU, ROUGE and CIDEr.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Story Post-Editing

tingyaohsu/VIST-Edit ACL 2019

We introduce the first dataset for human edits of machine-generated visual stories and explore how these collected edits may be used for the visual story post-editing task.

Visual Storytelling

Knowledgeable Storyteller: A Commonsense-Driven Generative Model for Visual Storytelling

lancopku/CVST IJCAI 2019 2019

The visual storytelling (VST) task aims at generating a reasonable and coherent paragraph-level story with the image stream as input.

Knowledge Graphs Semantic Similarity +2

Informative Visual Storytelling with Cross-modal Rules

passerby233/VSCMR-Visual-Storytelling-with-Corss-Modal-Rules 7 Jul 2019

To solve this problem, we propose a method to mine the cross-modal rules to help the model infer these informative concepts given certain visual input.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Discourse Parsing

arjunakula/Visual-Discourse-Parsing 6 Mar 2019

We propose the task of Visual Discourse Parsing, which requires understanding discourse relations among scenes in a video.

Discourse Parsing Visual Dialog +1