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Macsen: A Voice Assistant for Speakers of a Lesser Resourced Language

techiaith/docker-deepspeech-cy LREC 2020

The paper reports on the progress to date on crowdsourcing Welsh speech data in Mozilla Common Voice and of its suitability for training Mozilla{'}s DeepSpeech speech recognition for a voice assistant application according to conventional and transfer learning methods.

Attention-based Contextual Language Model Adaptation for Speech Recognition

amazon-research/contextual-attention-nlm Findings (ACL) 2021

When applied to a large de-identified dataset of utterances collected by a popular voice assistant platform, our method reduces perplexity by 7. 0% relative over a standard LM that does not incorporate contextual information.

Converse: A Tree-Based Modular Task-Oriented Dialogue System

salesforce/converse 23 Mar 2022

At the core of the struggle is the need to script every single turn of interactions between the bot and the human user.