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Most implemented papers

A Hybrid Neural Network Model for Commonsense Reasoning

namisan/mt-dnn WS 2019

An HNN consists of two component models, a masked language model and a semantic similarity model, which share a BERT-based contextual encoder but use different model-specific input and output layers.

A Surprisingly Robust Trick for Winograd Schema Challenge

vid-koci/bert-commonsense 15 May 2019

The Winograd Schema Challenge (WSC) dataset WSC273 and its inference counterpart WNLI are popular benchmarks for natural language understanding and commonsense reasoning.

WikiCREM: A Large Unsupervised Corpus for Coreference Resolution

vid-koci/bert-commonsense IJCNLP 2019

We use a language-model-based approach for pronoun resolution in combination with our WikiCREM dataset.