Zero-shot Text to Audio Retrieval

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Most implemented papers

LanguageBind: Extending Video-Language Pretraining to N-modality by Language-based Semantic Alignment

pku-yuangroup/languagebind 3 Oct 2023

We thus propose VIDAL-10M with Video, Infrared, Depth, Audio and their corresponding Language, naming as VIDAL-10M.

WavCaps: A ChatGPT-Assisted Weakly-Labelled Audio Captioning Dataset for Audio-Language Multimodal Research

xinhaomei/wavcaps 30 Mar 2023

To address this data scarcity issue, we introduce WavCaps, the first large-scale weakly-labelled audio captioning dataset, comprising approximately 400k audio clips with paired captions.

InternVideo2: Scaling Video Foundation Models for Multimodal Video Understanding

opengvlab/internvideo2 22 Mar 2024

We introduce InternVideo2, a new video foundation model (ViFM) that achieves the state-of-the-art performance in action recognition, video-text tasks, and video-centric dialogue.

VALOR: Vision-Audio-Language Omni-Perception Pretraining Model and Dataset

TXH-mercury/VALOR 17 Apr 2023

Different from widely-studied vision-language pretraining models, VALOR jointly models relationships of vision, audio and language in an end-to-end manner.

ImageBind: One Embedding Space To Bind Them All

facebookresearch/imagebind CVPR 2023

We show that all combinations of paired data are not necessary to train such a joint embedding, and only image-paired data is sufficient to bind the modalities together.