Robust and Efficient Post-Processing for Video Object Detection (REPP)

AlbertoSabater/Robust-and-efficient-post-processing-for-video-object-detection 1 Oct 2020

Object recognition in video is an important task for plenty of applications, including autonomous driving perception, surveillance tasks, wearable devices or IoT networks.

SRPN: similarity-based region proposal networks for nuclei and cells detection in histology images

sigma10010/nuclei_cells_det 25 Jun 2021

The embedding layer is added into the region proposal networks, enabling the networks to learn discriminative features based on similarity learning.

Prediction-Guided Distillation for Dense Object Detection

chenhongyiyang/pgd 10 Mar 2022

Based on this, we propose Prediction-Guided Distillation (PGD), which focuses distillation on these key predictive regions of the teacher and yields considerable gains in performance over many existing KD baselines.