GP-GAN: Gender Preserving GAN for Synthesizing Faces from Landmarks

DetionDX/GP-GAN-Gender-Preserving-GAN-for-Synthesizing-Faces-from-Landmarks 3 Oct 2017

The primary aim of this work is to demonstrate that information preserved by landmarks (gender in particular) can be further accentuated by leveraging generative models to synthesize corresponding faces.

Unsupervised Face Normalization With Extreme Pose and Expression in the Wild

mx54039q/fnm CVPR 2019

Face normalization provides an effective and cheap way to distil face identity and dispel face variances for recognition.

GANprintR: Improved Fakes and Evaluation of the State of the Art in Face Manipulation Detection

socialabubi/iFakeFaceDB 13 Nov 2019

The availability of large-scale facial databases, together with the remarkable progresses of deep learning technologies, in particular Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), have led to the generation of extremely realistic fake facial content, raising obvious concerns about the potential for misuse.

DeepFakes and Beyond: A Survey of Face Manipulation and Fake Detection

deepfakes/faceswap 1 Jan 2020

The free access to large-scale public databases, together with the fast progress of deep learning techniques, in particular Generative Adversarial Networks, have led to the generation of very realistic fake content with its corresponding implications towards society in this era of fake news.

InterFaceGAN: Interpreting the Disentangled Face Representation Learned by GANs

ShenYujun/InterFaceGAN 18 May 2020

In this work, we propose a framework called InterFaceGAN to interpret the disentangled face representation learned by the state-of-the-art GAN models and study the properties of the facial semantics encoded in the latent space.

Fine-Tuning StyleGAN2 For Cartoon Face Generation

happy-jihye/Cartoon-StyleGan2 22 Jun 2021

Although existing models can generate realistic target images, it's difficult to maintain the structure of the source image.

BlendGAN: Implicitly GAN Blending for Arbitrary Stylized Face Generation

onion-liu/BlendGAN NeurIPS 2021

Specifically, we first train a self-supervised style encoder on the generic artistic dataset to extract the representations of arbitrary styles.

A Comprehensive Survey on Pose-Invariant Face Recognition

amanshenoy/pose-invariant-face-recognition 15 Feb 2015

The capacity to recognize faces under varied poses is a fundamental human ability that presents a unique challenge for computer vision systems.

A Multiresolution 3D Morphable Face Model and Fitting Framework

patrikhuber/eos 1 Feb 2016

In this paper, we present the Surrey Face Model, a multi-resolution 3D Morphable Model that we make available to the public for non-commercial purposes.