2018 Data Science Bowl (2018 Data Science Bowl Find the nuclei in divergent images to advance medical discovery)

Introduced by Zhou et al. in UNet++: A Nested U-Net Architecture for Medical Image Segmentation

This dataset contains a large number of segmented nuclei images. The images were acquired under a variety of conditions and vary in the cell type, magnification, and imaging modality (brightfield vs. fluorescence). The dataset is designed to challenge an algorithm's ability to generalize across these variations.

Each image is represented by an associated ImageId. Files belonging to an image are contained in a folder with this ImageId. Within this folder are two subfolders:

images contains the image file. masks contains the segmented masks of each nucleus. This folder is only included in the training set. Each mask contains one nucleus. Masks are not allowed to overlap (no pixel belongs to two masks). The second stage dataset will contain images from unseen experimental conditions. To deter hand labeling, it will also contain images that are ignored in scoring. The metric used to score this competition requires that your submissions are in run-length encoded format. Please see the evaluation page for details.

As with any human-annotated dataset, you may find various forms of errors in the data. You may manually correct errors you find in the training set. The dataset will not be updated/re-released unless it is determined that there are a large number of systematic errors. The masks of the stage 1 test set will be released with the release of the stage 2 test set.


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