Bengali.AI Handwritten Graphemes

Introduced by Alam et al. in A Large Multi-Target Dataset of Common Bengali Handwritten Graphemes

This dataset contains images of individual hand-written Bengali characters. Bengali characters (graphemes) are written by combining three components: a grapheme_root, vowel_diacritic, and consonant_diacritic. Your challenge is to classify the components of the grapheme in each image. There are roughly 10,000 possible graphemes, of which roughly 1,000 are represented in the training set. The test set includes some graphemes that do not exist in the train but has no new grapheme components. It takes a lot of volunteers filling out sheets like this to generate a useful amount of real data; focusing the problem on the grapheme components rather than on recognizing whole graphemes should make it possible to assemble a Bengali OCR system without handwriting samples for all 10,000 graphemes.


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