The CommonsenseQA is a dataset for commonsense question answering task. The dataset consists of 12,247 questions with 5 choices each. The dataset was generated by Amazon Mechanical Turk workers in the following process (an example is provided in parentheses):

  1. a crowd worker observes a source concept from ConceptNet (“River”) and three target concepts (“Waterfall”, “Bridge”, “Valley”) that are all related by the same ConceptNet relation (“AtLocation”),
  2. the worker authors three questions, one per target concept, such that only that particular target concept is the answer, while the other two distractor concepts are not, (“Where on a river can you hold a cup upright to catch water on a sunny day?”, “Where can I stand on a river to see water falling without getting wet?”, “I’m crossing the river, my feet are wet but my body is dry, where am I?”)
  3. for each question, another worker chooses one additional distractor from Concept Net (“pebble”, “stream”, “bank”), and the author another distractor (“mountain”, “bottom”, “island”) manually.
Source: CommonsenseQA: A Question Answering Challenge Targeting Commonsense Knowledge


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