DALES (DALES: A Large-scale Aerial LiDAR Data Set for Semantic Segmentation)

Introduced by Varney et al. in DALES: A Large-scale Aerial LiDAR Data Set for Semantic Segmentation

We present the Dayton Annotated LiDAR Earth Scan (DALES) data set, a new large-scale aerial LiDAR data set with over a half-billion hand-labeled points spanning 10 square kilometers of area and eight object categories. Large annotated point cloud data sets have become the standard for evaluating deep learning methods. However, most of the existing data sets focus on data collected from a mobile or terrestrial scanner with few focusing on aerial data. Point cloud data collected from an Aerial Laser Scanner (ALS) presents a new set of challenges and applications in areas such as 3D urban modeling and large-scale surveillance. DALES is the most extensive publicly available ALS data set with over 400 times the number of points and six times the resolution of other currently available annotated aerial point cloud data sets. This data set gives a critical number of expert verified hand-labeled points for the evaluation of new 3D deep learning algorithms, helping to expand the focus of current algorithms to aerial data. We describe the nature of our data, annotation workflow, and provide a benchmark of current state-of-the-art algorithm performance on the DALES data set.


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