DIS5K (Dichotomous Image Segmentation (DIS) Dataset)

Introduced by Qin et al. in Highly Accurate Dichotomous Image Segmentation

To build the highly accurate Dichotomous Image Segmentation dataset (DIS5K), we first manually collected over 12,000 images from Flickr1 based on our pre-designed keywords. Then, we obtained 5,470 images of 22 groups and 225 categories from the 12,000 images according to the structural complexities of the objects. Each image is then manually labeled with pixel-wise accuracy using GIMP. The labeled targets in DIS5K mainly focus on the “objects of the images defined by the pre-designed keywords (categories)” regardless of their characteristics e.g., salient, common, camouflaged, meticulous, etc. The average per-image labeling time is ∼30 minutes and some images cost up to 10 hours.


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