HuSHeM (Human Sperm Head Morphology Dataset)

At the Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center, semen samples were collected from fifteen patients. The sperm samples were fixed and stained using the Diff-Quick method. Using an Olympus CX21 microscope with a ×100 objective lens and a ×10 eyepiece and a Sony color camera (Model No SSC-DC58AP), 725 images were taken. The resolution of each image was 576×720 pixels. From these images, the sperm heads were cropped and classified into five classes by three specialists. The classes are Normal, Pyriform, Tapered, Amorphous, and Others. After the classification, only the samples which there was a collective consensus about their class were kept in the dataset. Four classes of Normal, Pyriform, Tapered, and Amorphous are included in this dataset. The resulting dataset of sperm heads denoted as Human Sperm Head Morphology dataset (HuSHeM) consists of four folders, each corresponding to a specific set of sperm shapes. The folder names reflect the shape of the contained images. There are 54 Normal, 53 Tapered, 57 Pyriform, and 52 Amorphous sperm heads. The images of sperm heads are in the RGB format with the size of 131×131 pixels.


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