IBC (Individual Brain Charting)

Introduced by Bazeille et al. in An empirical evaluation of functional alignment using inter-subject decoding

The Individual Brain Charting (IBC) project aims at providing a new generation of functional-brain atlases. To map cognitive mechanisms in a fine scale, task-fMRI data at high-spatial-resolution are being acquired on a fixed cohort of 12 participants, while performing many different tasks. These data—free from both inter-subject and inter-site variability—are publicly available as means to support the investigation of functional segregation and connectivity as well as individual variability with a view to establishing a better link between brain systems and behavior.

What’s special about the IBC dataset?

  • Taskwise dataset: spanning the cognitive spectrum within subject
  • Fixed cohort over a 10-year span to minimize inter-subject variability
  • Fixed experimental setting to minimize inter-site variability
  • Multimodal: fMRI (task-based and resting state), DWI, structural

Main characteristics

  • 12 healthy participants (aged 27-40 at the time of recruitment)
  • Spatial resolution: 1.5mm (isotropic); Temporal resolution: 2s
  • Scanner: Siemens 3T Magnetom Prisma; Coil: 64-channel
  • 50 acquisitions per participant upon completion of the dataset in 2022


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