Introduced by Deng et al. in Image-to-Markup Generation with Coarse-to-Fine Attention

A prebuilt dataset for OpenAI's task for image-2-latex system. Includes total of ~100k formulas and images splitted into train, validation and test sets. Formulas were parsed from LaTeX sources provided here: from arXiv)

Each image is a PNG image of fixed size. Formula is in black and rest of the image is transparent.

For related tools (eg. tokenizer) check out this repository: For pre-made evaluation scripts and built im2latex system check this repository:

Newlines used in formulas_im2latex.lst are UNIX-style newlines (\n). Reading file with other type of newlines results to slightly wrong amount of lines (104563 instead of 103558), and thus breaks the structure used by this dataset. Python 3.x reads files using newlines of the running system by default, and to avoid this file must be opened with newlines="\n" (eg. open("formulas_im2latex.lst", newline="\n")).



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