LSOIE (Large-Scale dataset for Supervised Open Information Extraction)

Introduced by Solawetz et al. in LSOIE: A Large-Scale Dataset for Supervised Open Information Extraction

LSOIE is a large-scale OpenIE data converted from QA-SRL 2.0 in two domains, i.e., Wikipedia and Science. It is 20 times larger than the next largest human-annotated OpenIE data, and thus is reliable for fair evaluation. LSOIE provides n-ary OpenIE annotations and gold tuples are in the 〈ARG0, Relation, ARG1, . . . , ARGn〉 format. The dataset has two subsets ... namely LSOIE-wiki and LSOIE-sci, for comprehensive evaluation. LSOIE-wiki has 24,251 sentences and LSOIE-sci has 47,919 sentences.

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