M-PCCD (MPEG Point Cloud Compression Dataset)

The emerging MPEG point cloud codecs (V-PCC and G-PCC variants) are assessed, and best practices for rate allocation are investigated [1]. For this purpose, three experiments are conducted. In the first experiment, a rigorous evaluation of the codecs is performed, adopting test conditions dictated by experts of the group on a carefully selected set of models, using both subjective and objective quality assessment methodologies. In the other two experiments, different rate allocation schemes for geometry-only and geometry-plus-color encoding are subjectively evaluated, in order to draw conclusions on the best-performing approaches in terms of perceived quality for a given bit rate.

In this webpage, we make publicly available quality scores associated with the stimuli under assessment for each experiment. For purposes of reproducibility, a content that is used while not being part of established point cloud repositories adopted by standardisation bodies, is re-distributed. Moreover, scripts are provided in order to generate the reference models and the rendering-related meta-data that are used in this study.


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