N-Caltech 101 (Neuromorphic-Caltech101)

Introduced by Garrick et al. in Converting Static Image Datasets to Spiking Neuromorphic Datasets Using Saccades

The Neuromorphic-Caltech101 (N-Caltech101) dataset is a spiking version of the original frame-based Caltech101 dataset. The original dataset contained both a "Faces" and "Faces Easy" class, with each consisting of different versions of the same images. The "Faces" class has been removed from N-Caltech101 to avoid confusion, leaving 100 object classes plus a background class. The N-Caltech101 dataset was captured by mounting the ATIS sensor on a motorized pan-tilt unit and having the sensor move while it views Caltech101 examples on an LCD monitor as shown in the video below. A full description of the dataset and how it was created can be found in the paper below. Please cite this paper if you make use of the dataset.


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