Introduced by Adam Meyers et al. in The NomBank Project: An Interim Report

NomBank is an annotation project at New York University that is related to the PropBank project at the University of Colorado. The goal is to mark the sets of arguments that cooccur with nouns in the PropBank Corpus (the Wall Street Journal Corpus of the Penn Treebank), just as PropBank records such information for verbs. As a side effect of the annotation process, the authors are producing a number of other resources including various dictionaries, as well as PropBank style lexical entries called frame files. These resources help the user label the various arguments and adjuncts of the head nouns with roles (sets of argument labels for each sense of each noun). NYU and U of Colorado are making a coordinated effort to insure that, when possible, role definitions are consistent across parts of speech. For example, PropBank's frame file for the verb "decide" was used in the annotation of the noun "decision".

Source: Nombank


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