Adopts two subsets of Freebase (Bollacker et al., 2008) as Knowledge Bases to construct the PathQuestion (PQ) and the PathQuestion-Large (PQL) datasets. Paths are extracted between two entities which span two hops (es → r1 → e1 → r2 → a, denoted by -2H) or three hops (es→ r1 → e1 →r2 → e2→ r3 → a, denoted by -3H) and then generated natural language questions with templates. To make the generated questions analogical to real-world questions, paraphrasing templates and synonyms for relations are included by searching the Internet and two real-world datasets, WebQuestions (Berant et al., 2013) and WikiAnswers (Fader et al., 2013). In this way, the syntactic structure and surface wording of the generated questions have been greatly enriched.

Source: An Interpretable Reasoning Network for Multi-Relation Question Answering


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