QReCC contains 14K conversations with 81K question-answer pairs. QReCC is built on questions from TREC CAsT, QuAC and Google Natural Questions. While TREC CAsT and QuAC datasets contain multi-turn conversations, Natural Questions is not a conversational dataset. Questions in NQ dataset were used as prompts to create conversations explicitly balancing types of context-dependent questions, such as anaphora (co-references) and ellipsis.

For each query the authors collect query rewrites by resolving references, the resulting query rewrite is a context-independent version of the original (context-dependent) question. The rewritten query is then used to with a search engine to answer the question. Each query is also annotated with answer, link to the web page that used to produce the answer.

Each conversation in the dataset contains a unique Conversation_no, Turn_no unique within a conversation, the original Question, Context, Rewrite and Answer with Answer_URL.

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