Real-World Stereo Color and Sharpness Mismatch Dataset

Introduced by Chistov et al. in Color Mismatches in Stereoscopic Video: Real-World Dataset and Deep Correction Method

A real-world stereo video dataset, containing 1200 frame pairs with real-world color and sharpness mismatches caused by beam splitter.

Color and sharpness mismatches between views of the stereoscopic 3D video can decrease the overall video quality and may cause viewer discomfort and headaches. To eliminate this problem, there are correction methods that aim to make the views consistent.

We propose a new real-world dataset of stereoscopic videos for evaluating color-mismatch-correction methods. We collected it using a beam splitter and three cameras. A beam splitter introduces real-world mismatches between stereopair views. Similar mismatches can appear in stereoscopic movies filmed with a beam-splitter rig. Our approach used a beam splitter to set a zero stereobase between the left camera and the left ground-truth camera, allowing us to create a distorted ground-truth data pair.


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