RST-DT (RST Discourse Treebank)

The Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) Discourse Treebank consists of 385 Wall Street Journal articles from the Penn Treebank annotated with discourse structure in the RST framework along with human-generated extracts and abstracts associated with the source documents.

In the RST framework (Mann and Thompson, 1988), a text's discourse structure can be represented as a tree in four aspects:

(1) the leaves correspond to text fragments called elementary discourse units (the mininal discourse units); (2) the internal nodes of the tree correspond to contiguous text spans; (3) each node is characterized by its nuclearity, or essential unit of information; and (4) each node is also characterized by a rhetorical relation between two or more non-overlapping, adjacent text spans.


The data in this release is divided into a training set (347 documents) and a test set (38 documents). All annotations were produced using a discourse annotation tool that can be downloaded from


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