Silhouettes (CalTech 101 Silhouettes)

Introduced by Benjamin M. Marlin et al. in Inductive Principles for Restricted Boltzmann Machine Learning

The Caltech 101 Silhouettes dataset consists of 4,100 training samples, 2,264 validation samples and 2,307 test samples. The datast is based on CalTech 101 image annotations. Each image in the CalTech 101 data set includes a high-quality polygon outline of the primary object in the scene. To create the CalTech 101 Silhouettes data set, the authors center and scale each outline and render it on a DxD pixel image-plane. The outline is rendered as a filled, black polygon on a white background. Many object classes exhibit silhouettes that have distinctive class-specific features. A relatively small number of classes like soccer ball, pizza, stop sign, and yin-yang are indistinguishable based on shape, but have been left-in in the data.

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