The Specs on Faces (SoF) dataset, a collection of 42,592 (2,662×16) images for 112 persons (66 males and 46 females) who wear glasses under different illumination conditions. The dataset is FREE for reasonable academic fair use. The dataset presents a new challenge regarding face detection and recognition. It is focused on two challenges: harsh illumination environments and face occlusions, which highly affect face detection, recognition, and classification. The glasses are the common natural occlusion in all images of the dataset. However, there are two more synthetic occlusions (nose and mouth) added to each image. Moreover, three image filters, that may evade face detectors and facial recognition systems, were applied to each image. All generated images are categorized into three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard). That enlarges the number of images to be 42,592 images (26,112 male images and 16,480 female images). There is metadata for each image that contains many information such as: the subject ID, facial landmarks, face and glasses rectangles, gender and age labels, year that the photo was taken, facial emotion, glasses type, and more.



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