TOSCA (TOSCA high-resolution)

Hi-resolution three-dimensional nonrigid shapes in a variety of poses for non-rigid shape similarity and correspondence experiments. The database contains a total of 80 objects, including 11 cats, 9 dogs, 3 wolves, 8 horses, 6 centaurs, 4 gorillas, 12 female figures, and two different male figures, containing 7 and 20 poses. Typical vertex count is about 50,000. Objects within the same class have the same triangulation and an equal number of vertices numbered in a compatible way. This can be used as a per-vertex ground truth correspondence in correspondence experiments. Two representations are available: MATLAB file (.mat) and ASCII text files containing the 1-based list of triangular faces (.tri), and a list of vertex XYZ coordinates (.vert). A .png thumbnail is available for each object.


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