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Zero-padded Shortcut Connection

Introduced by Han et al. in Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks

A Zero-padded Shortcut Connection is a type of residual connection used in the PyramidNet architecture. For PyramidNets, identity mapping alone cannot be used for a shortcut because the feature map dimension differs among individual residual units. Therefore, only a zero-padded shortcut or projection shortcut can be used for all the residual units. However, a projection shortcut can hamper information propagation and lead to optimization problems, especially for very deep networks. On the other hand, the zero-padded shortcut avoids the overfitting problem because no additional parameters exist.

Source: Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks


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Image Classification 3 42.86%
General Classification 2 28.57%
Language Modelling 1 14.29%
Object Recognition 1 14.29%


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