Accurate 3D Facial Geometry Prediction by Multi-Task, Multi-Modal, and Multi-Representation Landmark Refinement Network

This work focuses on complete 3D facial geometry prediction, including 3D facial alignment via 3D face modeling and face orientation estimation using the proposed multi-task, multi-modal, and multi-representation landmark refinement network (M$^3$-LRN). Our focus is on the important facial attributes, 3D landmarks, and we fully utilize their embedded information to guide 3D facial geometry learning. We first propose a multi-modal and multi-representation feature aggregation for landmark refinement. Next, we are the first to study 3DMM regression from sparse 3D landmarks and utilize multi-representation advantage to attain better geometry prediction. We attain the state of the art from extensive experiments on all tasks of learning 3D facial geometry. We closely validate contributions of each modality and representation. Our results are robust across cropped faces, underwater scenarios, and extreme poses. Specially we adopt only simple and widely used network operations in M$^3$-LRN and attain a near 20\% improvement on face orientation estimation over the current best performance. See our project page here.

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