Copy-move Forgery Detection based on Convolutional Kernel Network

In this paper, a copy-move forgery detection method based on Convolutional Kernel Network is proposed. Different from methods based on conventional hand-crafted features, Convolutional Kernel Network is a kind of data-driven local descriptor with the deep convolutional structure... Thanks to the development of deep learning theories and widely available datasets, the data-driven methods can achieve competitive performance on different conditions for its excellent discriminative capability. Besides, our Convolutional Kernel Network is reformulated as a series of matrix computations and convolutional operations which are easy to parallelize and accelerate by GPU, leading to high efficiency. Then, appropriate preprocessing and postprocessing for Convolutional Kernel Network are adopted to achieve copy-move forgery detection. Particularly, a segmentation-based keypoints distribution strategy is proposed and a GPU-based adaptive oversegmentation method is adopted. Numerous experiments are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the GPU version of Convolutional Kernel Network, and the state-of-the-art performance of the proposed copy-move forgery detection method based on Convolutional Kernel Network. read more

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