DSFD: Dual Shot Face Detector

In this paper, we propose a novel face detection network with three novel contributions that address three key aspects of face detection, including better feature learning, progressive loss design and anchor assign based data augmentation, respectively. First, we propose a Feature Enhance Module (FEM) for enhancing the original feature maps to extend the single shot detector to dual shot detector. Second, we adopt Progressive Anchor Loss (PAL) computed by two different sets of anchors to effectively facilitate the features. Third, we use an Improved Anchor Matching (IAM) by integrating novel anchor assign strategy into data augmentation to provide better initialization for the regressor. Since these techniques are all related to the two-stream design, we name the proposed network as Dual Shot Face Detector (DSFD). Extensive experiments on popular benchmarks, WIDER FACE and FDDB, demonstrate the superiority of DSFD over the state-of-the-art face detectors.

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