Graph Based Network with Contextualized Representations of Turns in Dialogue

EMNLP 2021  ·  Bongseok Lee, Yong Suk Choi ·

Dialogue-based relation extraction (RE) aims to extract relation(s) between two arguments that appear in a dialogue. Because dialogues have the characteristics of high personal pronoun occurrences and low information density, and since most relational facts in dialogues are not supported by any single sentence, dialogue-based relation extraction requires a comprehensive understanding of dialogue. In this paper, we propose the TUrn COntext awaRE Graph Convolutional Network (TUCORE-GCN) modeled by paying attention to the way people understand dialogues. In addition, we propose a novel approach which treats the task of emotion recognition in conversations (ERC) as a dialogue-based RE. Experiments on a dialogue-based RE dataset and three ERC datasets demonstrate that our model is very effective in various dialogue-based natural language understanding tasks. In these experiments, TUCORE-GCN outperforms the state-of-the-art models on most of the benchmark datasets. Our code is available at

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Emotion Recognition in Conversation DailyDialog TUCORE-GCN_RoBERTa Micro-F1 61.91 # 3
Emotion Recognition in Conversation DailyDialog TUCORE-GCN_BERT Micro-F1 58.34 # 13
Dialog Relation Extraction DialogRE TUCORE-GCN_RoBERTa F1c (v2) 65.9 # 5
F1 (v2) 73.1 # 4
Dialog Relation Extraction DialogRE TUCORE-GCN_BERT F1c (v2) 60.2 # 9
F1 (v2) 65.5 # 10
Emotion Recognition in Conversation EmoryNLP TUCORE-GCN_BERT Weighted-F1 36.01 # 17
Emotion Recognition in Conversation EmoryNLP TUCORE-GCN_RoBERTa Weighted-F1 39.24 # 6
Emotion Recognition in Conversation MELD TUCORE-GCN_BERT Weighted-F1 62.47 # 30
Emotion Recognition in Conversation MELD TUCORE-GCN_RoBERTa Weighted-F1 65.36 # 19