Graph Matching with Bi-level Noisy Correspondence

8 Dec 2022  ·  Yijie Lin, Mouxing Yang, Jun Yu, Peng Hu, Changqing Zhang, Xi Peng ·

In this paper, we study a novel and widely existing problem in graph matching (GM), namely, Bi-level Noisy Correspondence (BNC), which refers to node-level noisy correspondence (NNC) and edge-level noisy correspondence (ENC). In brief, on the one hand, due to the poor recognizability and viewpoint differences between images, it is inevitable to inaccurately annotate some keypoints with offset and confusion, leading to the mismatch between two associated nodes, i.e., NNC. On the other hand, the noisy node-to-node correspondence will further contaminate the edge-to-edge correspondence, thus leading to ENC. For the BNC challenge, we propose a novel method termed Contrastive Matching with Momentum Distillation. Specifically, the proposed method is with a robust quadratic contrastive loss which enjoys the following merits: i) better exploring the node-to-node and edge-to-edge correlations through a GM customized quadratic contrastive learning paradigm; ii) adaptively penalizing the noisy assignments based on the confidence estimated by the momentum teacher. Extensive experiments on three real-world datasets show the robustness of our model compared with 12 competitive baselines.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Graph Matching PASCAL VOC COMMON matching accuracy 0.8267 # 1
Graph Matching SPair-71k COMMON matching accuracy 0.8454 # 1
Graph Matching Willow Object Class COMMON matching accuracy 0.9910 # 1